Transglutaminase Preparations

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  1. Transglutaminase - Prolink B - Meat Products

    Specifically developed for emulsified meat products
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  2. Transglutaminase - Yogurt

    Innovative instant-soluble TG preparations highly reactive to milk proteins: caseins and whey proteins (lacto-albumins and lacto-globulins).
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  3. Transglutaminase - Veg and Vegan Products

    ACE vegan nugget does not contain soya and gluten. It is allergen free. If the client desires, applying a gluten free battering/breading to the ACE vegan nuggets.
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  4. Transglutaminase - Prolink D - Cheese

    Improve viscosity, body and creaminess, better mouthfeel Improve water retention and reduce syneresis Allow clean labeling (E-numbers free) Increase the curd yield by 15% - 20%
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  5. Transglutaminase - Prolink MB - Restructured Meat

    Prolink MB Series TG solutions are specifically developed for cold meat binding applications (restructured meat products).
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  6. Transglutaminase - Prolink SRM - Surimi products

    -Improves gel strength 5-10% -Improves firmness and elasticity -Improves quality and reduce costs -Improves freeze-thaw behavior
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